Netizens Sob As Their Baby NCT’s Jisung Has Grown So Tall

Netizens are currently gushing over NCT member Jisung’s model-like body. He is listed as 180cm tall, but netizens think he is taller.

Several photos of Jisung, showing his long, skinny legs and broad shoulders, were posted on an online community board.

Fans aren’t just attracted to the idol star’s baby face. Even though he looks normal in height based on his small face, the difference is clear when compared to other people.

Jisung is showing up in a lot of pictures, which supports the idea that he is tall.

On September 13, a post about Jisung began trending on enter talks community board under the title, “NCT’s JISUNG IS QUITE TALL.“.

The netizen who posted said, “NCT Dream’s tallest member“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Can’t you see that he’s tall right away? He’s the only one in Dream who’s tall, so

Our hamster was 8 feet long.

At this rate, he won’t be “quite tall,” but “freaking tall.”

Jisung is tall. In Dream, Jisung is the only one who is tall.

Jisung always goes up three stairs at once at award shows.

He is in good shape.

From this point of view, he really grew up well.

What are your thoughts on NCT Jisung‘s height?



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