GOT7’s Jinyoung Reveals Which Character He’s Played Is The Most Similar To Him, And It’s Definitely Not Yoo Babi

Actor Park Jin Young, who played the role of Yoo Babi in TVing‘s “Yumi’s Cells 2“, revealed a pleasant charm.

On July 21st, Arena Homme Plus published a pictorial and interview with Park Jin Young.

When asked if he felt burdened because of the original fans, Park Jin Young said, “I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the original fans. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to act my own way if I’m conscious of the eyes of webtoon readers“, he confessed.

When asked about the difficulty of empathizing with Yoo Babi, he cited “the part where the earthquake occurred in Babi’s cell village because his heart was shaken by intern Daeun“.

Park Jin Young has just celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut. “I am less anxious than before”, he said. “It’s good if it goes well, but regardless of the outcome, I don’t begin with anxiety“, he said, showing his growth.

He chose the role of “Park Hyeon Soo in 1995” in the drama “Beloved Eun Dong” because it fueled his acting passion. “It was my first time portraying a character with a subjective narrative, and it was a lot of fun“, he recalled.

Park Jin Young, who is already in his 20s, thanked the people around him, saying, “If I had stood alone, I would have fallen quickly, but I don’t believe I’d be swept away even if there was a strong wind because I’ve taken root with good people around me.”

Concerning his future, he stated: “I anticipate that my appearance will change and that the characters I can portray will be colorful“, adding, “I have no idea where I am right now, but I hope it lasts a long time. I admire senior citizens who continue to work consistently as they age. I desire to continue this work in a steady manner“, he said.

The August issue of Arena Homme Plus contains additional photos and interviews.



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