6 Female Korean Celebrities Who Once Aspired Of Becoming A Flight Attendant

The neat and gentle image of female stars resembles the atmosphere of an airline stewardess.

In fact, a considerable number of female entertainers even prepared to become airline stewardess before their debut in the entertainment industry.

You can also find stars who studied aviation.

Let’s take a look at the six stars who were aspiring stewardesses who might not have been able to see them on TV.

Jo Bo Ah

Before her debut, Jo Bo Ah entered Hanseo University’s Department of Aviation and Flight with the dream of becoming a flight attendant.

The photo of her attending Asiana Airlines training has become a hot topic by spreading through various online communities.

Jo Bo Ah has since transferred to Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Acting Arts and is walking the path of an actress.

Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin, who appeared on tvN’s ‘Live Talk Show Taxi‘, which aired in 2015, mentioned the days of wandering after the disbandment of the girl group ‘Milk’.

Seo Hyun Jin, who debuted as a promising star in SM Entertainment, but the team was disbanded after about a year, took a break while studying and working part-time.

Seeing her appearance, her parents suggested that she change her job, saying how about trying to become a foreign flight attendant.

Seo Hyun Jin was cast in a musical while thinking about it and was able to walk the path of an actor.

Mamamoo Solar

Solar appeared on KBS2’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ in 2016 and confessed that she had prepared as a flight attendant until she was 20.

She confessed that as she was preparing for a flight attendant, it didn’t seem like a good fit for her.

In Mamamoo’s documentary released in March of this year, Solar revealed that she had gone on to college as a flight attendant-related department.


Cho A majored in aviation management at Inha Technical College.

Cho A appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show’ in 2015 and revealed the fact that there were many scary seniors in the department.

She also explained that the character of being open-minded toward adults seems to have been formed while living with seniors in college.

DIA Ki Hui Hyeon

Ki Hui Hyeon, a former member of the idol group DIA, who appeared on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101 Season 1’, majored in aviation and aviation at Inha Technical College.

In 2019, she appeared on Channel A’s ‘Let’s Go On an Airplane’ and worked as an intern flight attendant.

Viewers cheered greatly for her beauty and skillful work performance, which went well with the flight attendant uniform.

Lee Bo Young

Before her debut, Lee Bo Young finally passed Korean Air, a major domestic airline, but gave up on her job.

After debuting as an actor, she became an advertising model for Asiana Airlines and showed off her special relationship with the flight attendants by wearing a flight attendant uniform.

Lee Bo Young‘s elegant and clean image matched well with the crew and received applause from many people.



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