Han So Hee Startles Netizens By Sharing A Rarity View Of Her Tattoos At The Airport

Han So Hee captivated the airport with her dazzling doll beauty.

18 July morning, Han So Hee departed for New York via Incheon International Airport to attend a fashion event.

Han So Hee appeared on the same day wearing a black cropped shirt and loose denim pants with an insect-like waistband.

In addition, a cute black purse was paired with the ensemble to complete its hip and comfortable look.

Particularly, her dazzling visuals, which can only be seen in pure romance comics, earned her the admiration of the audience.

Han So Hee greeted reporters and fans with heart-shaped hands and cheeks as she made her way to the departure hall.

Han So Hee is currently filming the upcoming 2023 drama “Gyeongseong Creature“.



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