6 Key Points To Look Forward To In The Upcoming Episodes Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Director Yoo In Sik of the popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” gave a slight spoiler on how the drama will unfold in the future.

On July 18th, director Yoo In Sik, who was in charge of directing ENA‘s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, revealed the points to watch, saying, “I am grateful for the explosive love for the drama“.

Director Yoo In Sik said, “Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) faces many missions in the future. In the process of resolving them, she encounters the great mountain of life and experiences the joys and sorrows of love“.

He continued, “But as usual, she will bravely stand in front of the problem and find the answer to the unanswered question of ‘What is a good lawyer?’ alone”.

Director Yoo In Sik also talked about Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh), who are forming a love line in the play.

He said, “Young Woo and Junho’s quirky date will be fun“, raising the fans’ expectations.

In addition, we asked them to pay attention to the growing up of the Hanbada family, the old story hidden by Woo Young Woo‘s father Woo Gwang Ho (Jeon Bae Soo), and the activity of Woo Young Woo‘s best friend Won Won (Joo Hyun Young).

He said, “New whales that have not appeared so far will also make a surprise appearance here and there“.

Lastly, director Yoo In Sik shared his thoughts on the syndrome-level popularity of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Director Yoo In Sik said, “I’m stunned by the response that goes way beyond my expectations. I’m so touched that you sympathize with the simple story we prepared”, he said. “I think the sensitivity to minorities, including autistic people, and the thirst for good stories may have already settled in the public’s mind much larger than the prejudice of drama makers

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” depicts the survival story of a new lawyer, Woo Young Woo, who has a genius brain and an autism spectrum at the same time.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, which breaks its own highest ratings every episode, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM.



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