Son Seok Koo And Kim Ji Won Shares The Love Lessons They Learned From “My Liberation Notes”

‘Chuang Couple’ actors Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won reunited.

On July 19th, the magazine Marie Claire released an interview with the August issue of pictorials in which Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won, who received a lot of love in the first half of this year, participated in the drama ‘My Liberation Notes’.

In the pictorial, the two actors became ‘Mr. Gu’ and ‘Yeom Mi Jeong‘ of ‘My Liberation Notes’, creating a deep and dark atmosphere and boasting of their elegant breathing.

In particular, the dark black and white cut leave a long-lasting impression that reminds me of a moment in ‘My Liberation Notes’.

In the interview that followed, I was able to hear the serious thoughts of the two actors in a friendly atmosphere.

Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won said, “We had a lot of good memories while filming together. At the end of the drama, I thought it would be nice to leave something to remember together,” and explained that My Liberation Notes’ is a special work for the two actors.

Two people who acted as a couple in a drama. Son Seok Koo said, “I was able to reaffirm my thoughts about love while filming ‘My Liberation Notes’. This drama tells throughout the whole story that only those who know how to be for themselves can love others.”

Kim Ji Won said, “I had an experience of expanding and growing the scope of love,” and recalled ‘My Liberation Notes’ together.



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