Viewers Were Stunned By Lee Hyori’s Unexpected Appearance In A Completely Different Style

Lee Hyori drew attention by revealing a new hairstyle.

In the MBC ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ broadcast on July 16th, the couple Hong Hyun Hee and Jay Won were drawn on a prenatal trip to Jeju Island. 

On this day, Hong Hyun Hee said, “My sister lives in Jeju,” and after a while, Lee Hyori appeared and drew attention. Lee Hyori said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t invite you to my house.”

Most of all, Lee Hyori caught the eye by appearing with a completely changed hairstyle. Lee Hyori said, “Is it awkward because my hair is so short? I cut my hair,” and Hong Hyun Hee admired her, saying, “You look like a foreign actress.”

To Hong Hyun Hee‘s question, “Why did you cut your hair?”, Lee Hyori joked, “I cut it to stop broadcasting.”

She continued, “I just cut it with that kind of heart, but I got a call from you. So I did a quick fix. My brother calls me ‘Hyoshik’ these days. It seems like I’m living with my younger brother in middle school,” she said, making everyone laugh.



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