Sandara Park Reveals What Its Like To Be A Celebrity Fashion Icon, “I usually try… outfits before going out”

Singer Sandara Park, who is famous for her unique fashion sense, showed herself struggling to choose clothes for going out.

Sandara Park appeared on MBC’s ‘Home Alone’, which aired on July 15th, and had time to share her daily life and talk with the panelists.

In the VCR video released that day, Sandara Park headed to the dressing room to prepare for an outing. She then pulled out a white shirt with ‘rabbit ears’ detailing over her shoulder.

She matched the star-studded skinny jeans and a pink hat, expressing satisfaction with the outfit, saying, “It was a luxurious look.”

However, Sandara Park re-appeared in a black see-through outfit, saying it would be embarrassing to dress up too much.

Sandara Park, who matched a simple look with a colorful bag, exclaimed, “It’s so cute,” but said, “I’ll just go away comfortably.”

She took pictures of all the outfits, looked them over in turn, and said, “I want to wear them all.”

Park Na Rae, who saw the video, asked Sandara Park, “Do you always look at the full outfit like this and choose (clothes to go out)?”

To this, Sandara Park replied, “I usually try on 10 outfits.” She also preached the merits of recording full outfits in photos, saying that you can post any outfits you can’t wear on social media.

In the end, she matched the ‘rabbit shirt’ she wore for the first time with the shorts she wore for the third time to complete a different outfit.

After wearing a helmet and sunglasses, Sandara Park enjoyed the outdoors while exuding a ‘hip’ atmosphere while worrying, “People won’t look at you?”



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