Jang Nara Thrills Fans With Sweet “Update” On Her Married Life

After her marriage, actress and singer Jang Nara revealed for the first time her daily routine.

The morning of July 16th, Jang Nara uploaded multiple photos to her Instagram story. Jang Nara is smiling and holding her dog in her arms in her photo.

Jang Nara is displaying her youthful beauty by letting her long hair hang down, attracting her attention. In addition, she wears a ring on her fourth finger, which catches her attention as she enjoys a relaxed routine.

She attracted attention by posting pictures of her deliciously prepared food, which she dubbed Jang Nara, with the caption, “She’s also quite talented in the kitchen.”

Last month on the 26th, Jang Nara married a cinematographer six years her junior.



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