This Actor Almost Played The Role Of Song Jong Ki In “Descendants Of The Sun” But Refused For A Reason That Is Not Valid For Us

Descendants of the Sun is one of the classic Korean dramas of the past 10 years.

It’s so popular, but there have been many A-class male gods who rejected this work, not wanting to play the male lead for many personal reasons.

Jo In Sung was one of those who turned down the opportunity to play Captain Yoo next to the famous beauty Song Hye Kyo .

However, his rejection phase was more impressive than the rest of the male gods.

When he was asked to play the lead role in Descendants of the Sun , Jo In Sung was already a famous male god in Asia, his name was far ahead of Song Joong Ki .

More importantly, when he worked with Song Hye Kyo in the blockbuster Winter Wind That Year , it is understandable that he was invited to “fall back in love” with the beauty of the Song family.

Unfortunately, he turned down this drama even though he didn’t have many schedules.

The reason is rumored to be because Jo In Sung doesn’t want to have to film overseas.

Although he refused Descendants of the Sun , Jo In Sung was the one who introduced Song Joong Ki to the film crew.

Perhaps without this introduction, the team would never have targeted Song Joong Ki.

Because if you look at the list of male gods who turned down the role, you will see that Captain Yoo Shi Jin initially has the appearance of a strong man with a rugged, somewhat dusty appearance, not the “beautiful handsome” type. than flowers” like Song Joong Ki.

It was because Song Joong Ki took the role that the script was changed somewhat. It is known that even the supporting male role has changed to better suit the male lead, so that Jin Goo has the opportunity to play Descendants of the Sun.

The reason Jo In Sung introduced Song Joong Ki to the Descendants of the Sun crew is because in real life, he and the actor surnamed Song are very close to each other.

He is also considered the “mistress” who indirectly charmed the Song Song couple when in the past, it was he who made the two have their first meeting.

Of course, that encounter was not at Descendants of the Sun, but at the time of filming that year’s Winter Wind .

Specifically, in 2013, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo had the opportunity to meet for the first time through Jo In Sung.

Thought that through Jo In Sung’s matchmaking hand, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki‘s love affair would be complete, unfortunately it was too short.

The good news is that whether they accept the role or not, up to now, all three have had admirable careers.



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