Kim Woo Bin Almost Lost His Role In “The Heirs” To This Actor, But Refused Because He No Longer Wanted To Work With Park Shin Hye?

The Heirs is a Korean drama that caused a fever in Asia for a while.

Not only is Lee Min Ho‘s Kim Tan trend, but Kim Woo Bin’s supporting male role Choi Young Do is equally popular.

However, before Kim Woo Bin‘s acting in The Heirs made the audience remember, creating a “sub-male effect”, this role almost belonged to another name.

Before thinking about Kim Woo Bin, The Heirs crew wanted to invite actor-singer Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE leader) to participate in the drama.

Previously, Yong Hwa scored with the “narcotic” supporting role in Handsome Girl, which is also the first time that the handsome man has collaborated with Park Shin Hye.

Jung Yong Hwa almost played The Heirs

However, Jung Yong Hwa did not become the supporting actor of The Heirs as the crew wanted because the film production company and FNC – Yong Hwa‘s management company could not come to a final agreement.

Not stopping there, Yong Hwa himself is not too interested in The Heirs because he wants to try a different kind of role, no longer in the school environment.

He himself did not want to reunite with Park Shin Hye when he acted with her twice, in Handsome Girl and Love Notes (Heartstrings) .

Jung Yong Hwa acted in many dramas with Park Shin Hye before

So the crew officially selected Kim Woo Bin to play the role of Choi Young Do of The Heirs.

Previously, Kim Woo Bin scored with projects like To the Beautiful You or Gentleman’s Dignity, possessing a diverse and extremely attractive acting style.

After debuting, The Heirs was a huge success and helped Kim Woo Bin become more famous.

Choi Young Do became a memorable supporting actor thanks to Kim Woo Bin’s acting
Kim Woo Bin returns in Our Blues after a long treatment

He starred with many top stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won, Suzy, and most recently his wife Shin Min Ah in Our Blues .

As for Jung Yong Hwa, he continues to work in parallel with singing and acting, but because of the strict rules of the Korean entertainment industry, his recognition level is far worse than before.

Most recently, Yong Hwa returned to the drama “ Evil Real Estate “ with Jang Nara but did not have much success.

Jung Yong Hwa’s comeback is not explosive



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