Netizens Pick 6 Funniest Idols Who Are Guaranteed To Crack You Up Even If You’re Not A Fan

Some Kpop idols look like princes or princesses, but they have a good sense of humor.

Many Kpop idols tried to look their best for their fans because they were seen as “visual queens and kings.” But some people don’t care about their looks at all and show off their funny personalities everywhere they go.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo‘s looks are undeniable. Every day, Korean netizens send him praise for his looks and call him a “face genius”.

People said that Cha Eun Woo was so handsome that it was impossible that he wouldn’t become popular.

But Cha Eun Woo doesn’t seem to care about how people see him. In different situations, he would tell funny jokes and do crazy things that made everyone laugh.


Lisa‘s recent appearance at the Celine fashion show in Paris, France, made her the talk of the town. Lisa wore a chic and bold cut-out sequin top to the event, and her long, platinum-blonde hair gave her a royal look.

The female idol also had a great time at the Celine after party, where she danced freely and didn’t care about her image at all.

Lisa‘s dancing at the Celine party was nothing like the sexy pole dancing she showed off in the “Lalisa” music video. Instead, it just made her fans laugh.


Like Lisa, when V showed up at the Celine event, he became the center of attention. Fans have voted this male idol “The Most Handsome Man In The World“, praising his side profile and amazing body.

But the male idol is also known for his crazy stunts and funny personality. In a livestream video watched by millions of people, the male idol even fell asleep on camera, which shocked his fans.

V even told fans to wake him up when it was time, which made the livestream session a legend.


Fans of Sakura can’t stop thinking about how beautiful she was as a child. The Japanese female idol has made many reality shows more interesting with her sense of humor. She has given herself a lifetime’s worth of funny moments.

Recently, a picture of Sakura and Yunjin got a lot of attention. So, the two girls played out the famous scene from the movie Titanic.

Sakura asked Yunjin to take a picture with her on the KBS stairs, which is worth mentioning. When Yunjin had a cramp in the past, Sakura made her juniors feel better by pretending to be a cat.

aespa’s NingNing

NingNing and the members of aespa are known for their unique concept and outstanding charisma.

NingNing, on the other hand, is a funny and humorous girl in real life. Fans refer to the female idol as a “entertainment prodigy” due to a series of his amusing and bizarre expressions.

NingNing was caught eating leaves in the behind-the-scenes video of the MVNext Level“, and she criticized them for being unappealing.

NMIXX’s Haewon

The public is learning that JYP‘s female idol is not only talented and beautiful, but also funny. Fans said that Haewon was one of the most energetic members of NMIXX because of how open and friendly she is.

During the livestreams where Haewon talked with fans, she did funny things that made fans laugh over and over again.

Recently, memes created by fans that show her giving TWICE‘s Nayeon a 90-degree bow are widely shared on SNS.



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