Netizens Are Split After Suzy’s Character in “Anna” Alters Over Time

Internet users are currently discussing a scene from the Suzy-led drama “Anna“.

On 2 July, the online community TheQoo published an article titled “Netizens’ reactions to Suzy’s drama are explosive after only three episodes have aired“.

In the third episode of the original Coupang Play series “Anna“, there is a scene in which the housekeeper asks Anna for time off, and Anna criticizes her harshly.

As a result, netizens commented, “She was an innocent in the first and second episodes, but since she became Anna, I hope she doesn’t become a bad girl“, “She looks bad, but please don’t ruin her“, “Suzy’s acting is so good,” etc.

The 2017 novel “Inmate Stranger” by Chung Han Ah is the basis for the 2017 drama “Anna“, starring Suzy. It tells the tale of Yumi and Anna, two women whose lives change drastically after a small white lie.

Suzy portrays Lee Yu Mi, a woman who is fed up with her life because she was born to a poor father and a disabled mother, and Lee Anna, a flawless woman whom everyone envies.



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