Netizens Compare and Contrast “The Professor” in the Spanish and Korean Versions of “Money Heist”

Remakes of well-known works will inevitably lead to comparisons, and “The Professor” from the Korean adaptation of the Spanish series “Money Heist” is a prime example.

As “Money Heist: Korea,” the Korean adaptation of the Spanish series “Money Heist,” recently debuted its first season, comparisons between the original and the remake have emerged. Today, let’s compare “The Professor” from these two series to determine whether Álvaro Morte or Yoo Ji Tae performed better.

“The Professor” as the heist mastermind

The reason “Money Heist” is so engrossing is because of the insanely unexpected details, brilliant plans, and extensive plot twists within the series – and “The Professor,” who is always five steps ahead, is responsible for all of them.

However, actor Álvaro Morte, who portrayed the original professor, appears to be a kind, well-educated, and gentle man who is neither cunning nor street-smart.

Even when he endorses his plans for the heist, “The Professor” of Álvaro Morte treats his students with the compassion and understanding of a teacher.

This makes it all the more intriguing when he reveals himself to be a communication and negotiation genius with extensive knowledge of the human mind.

Even when confronted by law enforcement, the original professor remains completely unfazed and even subtly encourages his opponent.

All of the aforementioned elements remain largely unchanged in the Korean adaptation of “Money Heist“, with the exception of Yoo Ji Tae‘s Professor, whose cold eyes and half-smile are more spine-chilling.

Notable moments for Yoo Ji Tae‘s professor include the time he recognized the police’s plan and successfully led his team to the money-printing factor, as well as the time he risked everything to eradicate the traces left in a car. As “The Professor” of Korea, Yoo Ji Tae left a lasting impression.

A compassionate “The Professor”

This character has many talents in both versions of “The Professor,” but they are not the only distinguishing characteristic of this individual. In fact, he is the ideal combination of hot and cold, as he can be as tough as nails while also being extremely compassionate.

The first “humane” moment in “The Professor” occurs when his feelings for the female inspector begin to develop; this is a completely star-crossed romance.

In addition, his later relationship with Lisbon is praised by “Money Heist” fans, and the moment when “The Professor” realizes that his beloved has abandoned him left the audience in an extremely vulnerable state.

Other than Lisbon, “The Professor” develops close relationships with the rest of the crew. He is Tokyo’s mentor, Nairobi‘s friend, and Berlin‘s brother. It is not an exaggeration to say that “The Professor” is the blood that flows through the team and connects everyone.

Sadly, this aspect of “The Professor” has not yet been depicted in the Korean remake. The professor of Yoo Ji Tae is depicted as being cunning and icy, as opposed to possessing feelings. Even in emotional moments in which he pours his heart out to the inspector, Yoo Ji Tae appears to be the superior individual.

Therefore, with the first six episodes of “Money Heist: Korea,” “The Professor‘s” humanity is falling behind. Despite the fact that Yoo Ji Tae is a phenomenal actor, his character comes nowhere close to the original.

Hopefully, the second season of “Money Heist: Korea” can redeem this situation.



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