Netizens Notice BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looks Totally Different Before And Is Becoming More “Western” Overtime

As Jennie‘s popularity in the West explodes, it appears that her style and appearance are also becoming more Western.

Six years have passed since BLACKPINK‘s debut, and each member has undergone significant style transformations.

Among Korean netizens, Jennie‘s style has elicited a variety of contradictory responses due to her preference for a Western aesthetic.

In fact, the change in Jennie‘s fashion and makeup has sparked a heated discussion on a Korean online forum, where netizens have noted that Jennie is becoming more “Western,” “American,” and “rebellious.”

Initially, when she debuted with BLACKPINK, Jennie adopted a cutesy sexy style with natural Korean makeup, which was praised by Korean netizens.

Jennie‘s airport attire consists of oversized t-shirts, baggy pants, and a casual crop top. Therefore, her fashion sense is always praised in Korea.

However, as Jennie‘s fame expands beyond Korea, she also becomes a fashion icon and frequently travels to Europe and the United States to attend fashion events.

As a result, Jennie‘s fashion, makeup, and photography styles begin to alter. Instead of the sweeter tones of Korea, Jennie favors bolder, smokier makeup. Her clothing is also becoming increasingly rebellious, with daring cutouts that accentuate her physique.

While it is evident that Jennie’s style has evolved over the years, it is necessary for a fashion icon like Jennie to take fashion risks. Jennie is undeniably a fashion icon and trendsetter, despite the fact that some of her looks have been criticized.



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