Bae Suzy Admitted That “Anna” Was The First Time People Complimented Her Acting

Suzy‘s latest role in the ongoing series “Anna” got her a lot of praise.

Bae Suzy started out as an idol before she decided to focus on acting. After a number of acting projects, she has become very popular. But her skills have always been a subject of debate.

Suzy didn’t get praise from everyone until her most recent work, “Anna“. People say that the idol-turned-actors convincingly played a poor character who had given up on life and was trying desperately to move up in society.

In a recent “Twitter Blue Room” livestream, Suzy said that “Anna” was the first time people complimented her acting. The idol-actress said, “I tried to get better at what I was bad at and make the most of what I was good at“.

Suzy is also getting a lot of good feedback for appearing on “Anna” with her face uncovered. Suzy is a beauty goddess, so she looks just as good without makeup. However, she gives off the tired, worn-out vibe of a woman who has been through a lot in her life.

Suzy‘s character comes from a poor family with a deaf mother, so the actress learned sign language and tried to get less sleep. She also worked on her skills every day for over a month by making hand signals in front of the mirror.

The actress says that she used to have very stiff hand movements, but that she has gotten a lot better after working hard.

Moreover, the female lead of “Anna”, Yoo Mi, leads a poor life. So, Suzy tried not to sleep so she could get bags under her eyes and look tired.

Suzy also wrote journals to get to know Yoo Mi better so she could play the part better. Since she does this every day, the actress is now in the habit of writing diaries herself.

Yoo Mi is a person with a very complicated personality. She comes from a poor family, but she wants nice things and will tell a lot of lies to get them. After going through hard times in life and being mistreated by her boss, Yoo Mi told the biggest lie she had ever told: she faked her identity and credentials to get into the rich world. But when someone from her past shows up out of the blue, her life could fall apart.

Starting on June 24, “Anna” will be shown every Friday and Saturday on the Korean streaming service Coupang Play.



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