“Music Bank” Stirs Up Online Debate About Kep1er’s Win Against TWICE’s Nayeon

Kep1er‘s recent victory over TWICE‘s Nayeon on Music Bank has raised suspicions about the credibility of the music show.

TWICE, Kep1er, Sunmi, LOONA, fromis 9, and numerous others appeared on the weekly music show Music Bank on July 1st.

Meanwhile, Nayeon‘s solo debut song “POP!” and Kep1er‘s latest song “UP!” were nominated for the award, with the cup ultimately going to the rookie girl group, marking their first win for the new album.

“POP!” by Nayeon is slowly moving up the Korean music charts, but “UP!” by Kep1er couldn’t even get into iChart.

However, Kep1er had little time to celebrate their victory because it was quickly deemed controversial.

Particularly, Korean netizens find it hard to believe that Kep1er won, despite Nayeon outperforming the group in terms of digitals, her album selling just as well as the girl group’s, and her fanbase being enormous after seven years in the industry.

In addition, Korean netizens observed that while Nayeon won in all score categories, Kep1er‘s broadcast score of 6000 points was extremely high.

This raised serious suspicions, as LE SSERAFIM had previously been involved in controversy when he defeated the famous trot singer Lim Young Woong with a high broadcast score.

Kep1er’s high broadcast rate caused many individuals to believe that Music Bank is cheating.
Prior to this, LE SSERAFIM was also accused of cheating when they defeated trot singer Lim Young Woon with a high broadcast score.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • There is clearly an error with the Music Bank scores. Even Lim Young Woong’s score was lowered by them.
  • That broadcast score… Really, Nayeon lost because of this?
  • In essence, Music Bank selects the winners by boosting their broadcast scores.
  • 6000 for broadcast? I’m speechless. Digital and physical releases by Nayeon can leave the girl group in the dust.
  • Considering that the cup does not belong to them, Kep1er must be experiencing some strange emotions right now.
  • Music Bank really harmed Nayeon
  • Music Bank… are they dishonest? How can Nayeon be defeated by Kep1er?
  • Nowadays, broadcast score is everything, so neither streaming nor purchasing the album is necessary.
  • Seriously, Music Bank? Again? The fact that you robbed Lim Young Woong of LE SSERAFIM wasn’t enough for you?



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