IU Politely Grabbed The Guard’s Arm And Asked “Please Don’t Push The Fan Too Much”

IU showed extraordinary fan love.

On May 30th, IU returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport after finishing the schedule for the ’75th Cannes Film Festival’ held in France.

A large number of farewell people flocked to the airport to see IU.

Among them, the bodyguards, who had to make a way for IU, had no choice but to push the fans around, saying, “Come out.”

When IU saw her fans being stopped by her bodyguards, her heart ached.

In the end, IU grabbed the bodyguard’s arm and moved the viewer to ask, “Don’t push it that much.”

It is also known that IU was worried when a reporter who came to cover her fell, “Are you okay?”

In addition, IU performed special fan services, such as presenting snacks prepared on the way home to her fans, and greeting her affectionately.

When a video showing IU’s warm heart like spread through online communities and social media, netizens admired them, saying, “She is a real angel.”

Meanwhile, IU took on the role of a single mother in the movie ‘Broker‘, which was invited to the ’75th Cannes Film Festival’.



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