Girls’ Generation Yoona Went To See Her Birthday Ads And Fans Can’t Contain Their Happiness

Girls’ Generation Yoona made a surprise appearance at the subway station and caught the eye.

Yoona, who celebrated her birthday on May 30th, responded to the fans’ congratulations.

On the same day, she revealed how she found the subway station through her Instagram story. The subway station that Yoona found was Seoul Forest Station on the Suinbundang Line, and she went to see the event that fans prepared to celebrate her birthday.

Yoona stood in front of an outdoor billboard on the subway, and posted a photo of herself, and posted it on Instagram. 

The billboard reads, “Yoonah, who came at the end of spring, happy birthday” and “I look forward to the bright days ahead.”

She made a big hand heart above her head and didn’t forget to thank her fans.

In addition, Yoona also released four photos taken while celebrating her birthday alone. In the photo, she posed in a playful pose and showed off her youthful charm. Even if you’re a teenager, you can’t believe that you’re beautiful.

Yoona, who started her activities in 2007 and celebrated her 15th anniversary this year, showed off her deep affection for her fans as much as the time passed.

She turned on her live broadcast that day and even had a brief birthday party with her fans, whose real friend-like appearance impressed her fans.

When Yoona posted a post with the words “It’s my birthday today. Thank you for the congratulations”, fans left comments, “Thank you so much for turning on the live because of your wishes. Have a happy birthday”, “Happy Lunar New Year’s Day!”, “Birthday Congratulations,”.

About 9,300 congratulatory comments were posted within 12 hours of posting the post.

Born on May 30, 1990, Yoona turned 33 this year in Korean age. She made her official debut as an actor and singer in 2007 after passing through her trainee days when she auditioned for SM Entertainment when she was in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Yoona, who is active as an actress as well as in group activities, is expected to meet viewers through MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse‘, which is scheduled to air in July.


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