RED VELVET JOY Celebrates 1st Anniversary Of Her “Hello” Album By Sharing Special Unreleased Photo

 Joy released several selfies to commemorate her “Hello” 1st anniversary.

On May 31st, Joy posted several photos on her Instagram story with the caption, “May 31, goodbye, 1st anniversary.”

 On May 31 of last year, Joy released her special album ‘Hello‘ and received great love. Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the ‘Hello‘ album, Joy released a selfie she took in the ‘Hello‘ music video.

She uploaded a picture of her showing affection with the child who appeared in the music video, as well as a full-body picture showing off her slender body.

Joy, who matched a T-shirt with a printed print, a cardigan with a unique pattern, and hot pants, caught the eye with her long legs.

 Fans reacted to her refreshing photos of Joy, such as “Hey Joy, it’s already been the 1st anniversary”, “Hey Joy, you’re really pretty”.

Meanwhile, Joy is in a public relationship with singer Crush.


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