Kim Se Jeong Reportedly To Star In A Japanese Remake Drama

The news of Kim Se Jeong‘s next project, which plays the role of Shin Ha Ri in SBS ‘A Business Proposal‘, has been reported. 

Kim Se Jeong has been cast as the main character in the SBS drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’. ‘Today’s Webtoon’ is a remake of the Japanese drama ‘Let’s Make a Heavy Chain’.

It tells the story of a female judo athlete who gave up her life’s work due to an injury and became a true webtoon editor while struggling with her colleagues to get a job as a webtoon editor.

Kim Se Jeong plays the role of Onmaum, a new contract employee who was selected by the webtoon editorial department to overcome the bloody competition in the play.

Onmaeum has great food fighter-level mukbang power, ‘dumpling ears’, a symbol of fighters, and a sense of smell comparable to a dog’s. In addition to Kim Se Jeong, actor Nam Yoon Soo was selected for the male lead role, and it is scheduled to air for the first time in July. 

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong is appearing in the SBS drama ‘A Business Proposal‘. The drama ‘A Business Proposal‘is an SBS Monday-Tuesday drama based on a web novel, and is a romantic comedy about the story of a male protagonist who is the CEO of a company and a female protagonist who deceives his identity and encounters a confrontation.

The web novel and webtoon of the same name were combined to record 320 million domestic and foreign readings and 4 million cumulative viewers.


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