6 K-Drama Leading Men Whose Heights Are Over 185 cm

There are people who boast a tall height of over 185 cm, showing the difference in height between the female protagonist and the female protagonist.

In particular, even if the female actors who appear together exceed the mid-160cm height, they turn into ‘fairies’ at once.

Did I mention that the ideal height difference between men and women is 20 cm?

Let’s meet the six male stars who create thrilling chemistry just by standing side by side in the play and making female actors compact.

Nam Joo Hyuk

The first tall star to introduce is Nam Joo Hyuk, who is appearing in tvN’s ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘.

Nam Joo Hyuk is 187 cm tall.

Therefore, even if his leading lady, actress Kim Tae Ri, is taller than 166cm, he boasts an ideal height difference of over 20cm.

When they stand side by side in a drama, they automatically make viewers happy.

Ji Hyun Woo

The second actor to introduce is Ji Hyun Woo, who is performing in KBS2’s ‘Young Lady and Gentleman‘.

Ji Hyun Woo‘s height is 187 cm. Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee, who is 165 cm tall, boast a desirable size difference, making those who see them ‘heart-fluttering’.

In the hug scene of two people appearing in the air, Ji Hyun Woo held Lee Se Hee in his arms, causing excitement.

Song Kang

Song Kang, who is appearing in JTBC’s ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘, is 186 cm tall.

Park Min Young is known to be 164 cm tall, and the height difference between the two is over 20 cm.

When Park Min Young is hugged by Song Kang, who boasts broad shoulders like the Pacific Ocean, it gives off a feeling of being a ‘jhokkomi’ who is less than 160 cm tall.

Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong are appearing in SBS ‘A Business Proposal‘, a romance drama that airs every Monday and Tuesday.

In the play, Ahn Hyo Seop, who plays Kang Tae Moo, who has everything from natural looks and wealth, draws a sweet romance with Kim Se Jeong, who plays the role of Shin Ha Ri.

Ahn Hyo Seop, who is known to be 187 cm tall, shows a difference in height between 164 cm Kim Se Jeong and 23 cm, making fans wear ‘mangbung lenses’.

Koo Ja Sung

The next star to introduce is Koo Ja Sung, who is working with Han Chae Young on MBN’s ‘Sponsor‘.

Koo Ja Sung boasts a tall height of 188 cm like a model-turned-actor.

Because of this, even though Han Chae Young is over 170cm tall, she becomes a small actress when she stands next to Koo Ja Sung.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun, who is appearing in tvN’s ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman‘, also boasts a height of 187 cm.

Therefore, when Ahn Bo Hyun in the play is standing next to Jo Bo Ah, who is 165 cm tall, he shows the difference in height that makes the viewers ‘heart-fluttering’.

In tvN’s ”Military Prosecutor Doberman‘ in which the two appear, Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun), who became a military prosecutor for money, and Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah), who became a military prosecutor for revenge, meet and grow into a real military prosecutor. draw


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