Most People Don’t Know, Yoo Ah In Was Exempted In The Military Because He Was Diagnosed With A Bone Tumor

It was later revealed that actor Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor. It was also found that the diagnosis of bone tumor was related to the fact that he was given a decision to withhold military service grade in the previous three physical examinations by the Military Manpower Administration.

At that time, Yoo Ah In‘s agency, UAA, issued a statement when news of Yoo Ah In‘s diagnosis of bone tumor was reported through a media outlet on the same day, saying, “There is a fact that Yoo Ah-in was diagnosed with a bone tumor. It’s not malignant, so it’s not very serious”, adding, “It is difficult to disclose sensitive personal information in detail“.

The news of Yoo Ah In‘s diagnosis of bone tumor came to light unexpectedly, but it also served as an opportunity to clear up suspicions of military service evasion raised by some.

Previously, Yoo Ah In had been judged to be ‘military service grade suspended‘ three times in the draft examination of the Military Manpower Administration. Withholding military service grade means “the military service grade decision is withheld because it is necessary to monitor the progress of the injured area“.

Yoo Ah In received his first military service grade suspension during a physical examination in December 2015, and received the same judgement in May 2016 and December of the same year. As news of Yoo Ah In‘s bone tumor diagnosis spread ahead of the fourth reexamination in May 2017, public opinion grew that the decision to suspend military service was not a trick to avoid military service.

Yoo Ah In suffered a ruptured right shoulder muscle while filming for the movie “Tough as Iron” in 2013, and his symptoms worsened while filming the movie “Veteran” the following year. During the hospital examination of the injured area, it was confirmed that a bone tumor had developed, so he carefully continued his activities while monitoring the prognosis.

However, as some did not take their suspicions away, Yoo Ah In issued a statement. On February 16, 2017, the day after the diagnosis of bone tumor was announced, Yoo Ah In explained in detail the circumstances and expressed his feelings through his agency.

Yoo Ah In concluded the long post, saying, “My negligence in not actively revealing to you continuous and additional health problems caused by unexpected diseases and careless self-management is a catalyst that intensifies the concerns of many and stimulates the public sentiment sensitive to military issues. I am deeply sorry that I have become a member, and I sincerely apologize to everyone who has watched my progress with affection and interest”.

He continued, “Like everyone else, my body is a vessel for my soul, a wall that collides with the outside world, and a tool for expressing my inner self. My injuries and health problems are my misfortune that created the current controversy, not a tool for evading military service“.

He added, “. The reality that my misfortune is a problem in which I have to ask for forgiveness from others is personally very difficult, but I want to accept this as my responsibility as an actor who grows and achieves through public interest and love. I will wash away the concerns of many people who have been hurt by the controversy, fulfill my duties as a citizen, and fulfill my natural mission as a professional with social influence. We will strive to exist as a member of a healthy society“.

Yoo Ah In, who was born in 1986, was exempted after the fourth draft examination in May 2017.



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