Netizens Surprised To See Jung Hae In In A Completely Different Hairstyle

Actor Jung Hae In appeared in a completely different hairstyle.

Jung Hae In posted several photos on his Instagram on the 14th.

In the released photo, Jung Hae In is looking at the camera surrounded by numerous plants as if he were in a botanical garden.

Jung Hae In challenged the “Wolf Cut” hairstyle, which has long bangs and back hair, away from the short hair that he had been sticking to for a long time.

Fellow celebrities such as singers and actors Seol Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki were surprised by Jung Hae In‘s changed hairstyle, such as “Oppa’s back hair“, “Back hair” and “Back hair?

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In is filming his new film “Connect” directed by Takashi Miike in Japan as his next film this year.



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