“BTS Jungkook Sexiness is killing me” 5 K-pop Idols who Captivated Overseas Fans with Sexy Tattoos

In an era that values individuality, there are various ways to express oneself.

From eye-catching hairstyles to daring piercings and unique fashion, individuals express their identities through various external factors. Tattoos are one of them.

While in the past people tried to conceal tattoos due to negative biases, recently many celebrities, including idols, have been getting meaningful tattoos to showcase their personalities.

Let’s take a look at five representative K-pop idols who express their sexiness through tattoos.

BTS‘s Jungkook

When it comes to tattoos, it’s impossible to leave out BTS‘s Jungkook.

Recently, he topped a survey conducted by the Japanese K-pop and Hallyu web media ‘Danmee’ for being the “sexiest K-pop idol with tattoos.”

Jungkook revealed that he got the word ‘ARMY’ tattooed on the back of his hand. Additionally, he has tattoos representing significant dates, like ‘0613’ for their debut day and ‘7’ to symbolize the number of BTS members.

The purple heart and the ARMY logo are also tattoos related to his love for fans and BTS members.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Despite her delicate figure, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has gained attention for her numerous tattoos.

It is known that Chaeyoung loves tattoos and has them on various parts of her body, including her hands, arms, below the ear, stomach, and waist.

While it’s unusual for a female idol, her tattoos perfectly complement her image and receive much love.

She started with cute tattoos like tomatoes, carrots, lips, and hearts, gradually expanding to more diverse designs like a woman surrounded by chains and a spider tattooed on her waist.

WINNER’s Song Mino

Song Mino, who is also active as a painter, has adorned his body with unconventional artistic tattoos.

One of his most noticeable and beloved tattoos is a weather drawing tattooed on his neck. In an interview, he revealed that depending on the weather or his mood, he circles the weather drawing with a red marker and takes pictures, surprising many.

While English lettering is commonly seen, Song Mino expressed his dislike for common things and got many Korean tattoos.

He has a Korean tattoo that says ‘love’ on his wrist and another one on both sides of his collarbone that says ‘good posture, clear mind.’

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon shared a photo of a long-term donation tattoo as her first Instagram post. The donation tattoo represents a heart rate graph, symbolizing the electrical signals of a beating heart.

She explained that she had pondered what she could do for others while living and arrived at the decision to get a donation tattoo. It represents her desire to help others.

Additionally, she boldly got a lotus flower tattoo on her left shoulder, adding a hip and sexy charm to her image.

Block B’s Zico

Zico‘s tattoos embody his love for the country, earning him the nickname “Patriotic Idol.”

On his left arm, he has tattoos of the national flower, the rose of Sharon (mugunghwa), and King Sejong the Great.

Zico is known to have great respect for King Sejong and got the tattoo as a display of admiration.

He also has a ribbon tattoo on his left forearm as a reminder to never forget the Sewol ferry tragedy.

These tattoos not only serve as artistic drawings but also hold deep meaning and reflect his love for the country, adding to his charisma.



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