“She has a point” Aespa’s Karina Explains Why She Wanted to Work with Someone who is Skillful but has a terrible attitude

Karina, a member of the popular K-pop group aespa, recently shared her candid thoughts on work during a guest appearance on the YouTube channel ‘Charingeon Jjuijjuldo Eopjiman.’

During the interview with MC Lee Young-ji, Karina was asked about her preference in working with individuals who excel in their job but have a bad personality versus those who may not perform as well but possess a good personality.

Without hesitation, Karina promptly responded, “I would definitely choose someone who is good at their job. Definitely.”

Further probing the topic, Lee Young-ji posed a hypothetical scenario involving hair, makeup, or styling staff who demonstrate exceptional skills but exhibit a negative demeanor.

Lee Young-ji asked, “But what if they are really good at their job, like in Hemeko, but every time they pass by, they kick your shins? How would you handle that?”

Karina, maintaining her cheerful disposition, amusingly replied, “I would still work with such a person. I would carry a metal container on my shin and go along with it.”

Karina reiterated her stance, emphasizing the importance of competence in one’s job. She stated, “But you still have to be good at your job. Even if they are like a devil, as long as they do their job well, I will take care of them.”

Following Karina’s remarks, her perspective resonated with many individuals who agreed that competence in one’s profession holds significant value.

Comments from fans and viewers included sentiments such as “There must be a reason for success after all” and “Being good at your job is the best.”

Karina‘s honest and pragmatic viewpoint on work ethics has garnered attention, highlighting her dedication and professionalism as an artist in the entertainment industry.

Her insights serve as a reminder of the importance of skill and proficiency, even in the face of challenging personalities.



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