The Boyz’s Hyunjae Sends Shockwaves with Jaw-Dropping Abs-Revealing Performance at ‘ZENERATION’ Concert

The Boyz‘s Hyunjae sets social media ablaze with abs-baring performance.

The talented members of The Boyz, a popular boy group under IST Entertainment, recently took the K-pop world by storm during their ‘ZENERATION‘ concert held in Seoul.

Among the highlights of the event, member Hyunjae‘s daring act of revealing his abs while performing their hit single “Thrill Ride” created a massive buzz on social media.

Netizens from around the globe were captivated by this unexpected display of Hyunjae‘s toned physique, causing “Lee Jae Hyun abs” to trend on Twitter and generating an array of entertaining comments from fans and non-fans alike.

From May 19 to 21, The Boyz enchanted their fans at the KSPO Dome in Seoul with their electrifying performances. On the third night of the ‘ZENERATION‘ concert, Hyunjae stole the spotlight as he confidently pulled open his shirt, showcasing his well-defined abs.

This audacious move thrilled both the concert attendees and the fans tuning in via Beyond LIVE, leading to an eruption of excitement among the online community.

As news and images of Hyunjae‘s abs-baring performance spread across various social media platforms, netizens eagerly joined the conversation.

Twitter became a hotbed of discussions, with “Lee Jae Hyun abs” trending for several hours. Countless fans and curious onlookers shared their thoughts, accompanied by photos, videos, and screenshots of the remarkable moment.

Amidst the flood of comments, one netizen took to a Korean online community board, writing, “Hyunjae caused an uproar and remained on Twitter real-time trending until dawn after revealing his abs during The Boyz’s final concert yesterday hahahaha.”

This post attracted a diverse range of responses from netizens, including fans and non-fans alike, showcasing their enthusiasm, humor, and admiration for Hyunjae‘s bold move.

Some comments included:

“I’m not a K-pop fan, but I’m going to be a Hyunjae fan from today.”

“Was this a strip show?”

“He’s the reason my voice is hoarse today.”

“Take this post down! He’s for The B [The Boyz’s fandom]’s eyes only!”

“Stop flirting with me, Lee Jae Hyun…”

“Don’t look at this prince’s body.”

“Lee Jae Hyun was insane yesterday.”

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