GWSN’s Miya, in a Japanese interview, “Being a trainee in Korea felt like being in prison, I thought I might go crazy”

Former member Miya from the group GWSN revealed in an interview with a Japanese media outlet that she found it difficult to pursue an entertainment career in Korea.

In a recent interview with the Asahi Shimbun, published on May 21st, Miya mentioned that she jokingly referred to their trainee days as a “prison” and recalled the hardships of being in a girl group.

Miya stated, “Practice time was actually the least stressful time for me,” and added, “By the time practice was over, it was already dark outside.”

Furthermore, Miya expressed the struggles of having to report her diet to the agency daily and weigh herself, saying, “I even thought I might go crazy.

Miya explained that her previous agency was particularly strict, stating, “I had no free time, and even my phone was confiscated. I contacted my family using the manager’s cellphone.” She also mentioned that she became an illegal resident due to a mistake made by her former agency.

As a Japanese national, Miya debuted as a member of the multinational seven-member girl group GWSN in September 2018. However, after her agency went through a recovery process, she moved to THE WAVE MUSIC in July 2020.

Following GWSN‘s fifth mini-album release in June 2021, the group had a period of inactivity. As a result, the GWSN members filed a lawsuit against THE WAVE MUSIC to terminate their exclusive contract and won the case.

Miya is planning to continue her activities under a Japanese agency.



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