SOURCE MUSIC addresses Min Hee Jin’s mention of LE SSERAFIM, clarifying false claims

Source Music, the label and agency representing LE SSERAFIM, a subsidiary of Hybe, has expressed deep regret over recent events. During a press conference, Min Hee Jin, CEO of NewJeans (another HYBE subsidiary), mentioned LE SSERAFIM, leading to a situation that Source Music now wishes to address.

On April 26th, Source Music conveyed their sentiments through the fan communication platform Weverse. Their statement reads: “We deeply regret the current situation where false information, disrespectful expressions, and the use of other artists’ real names are being shared publicly. We strongly urge that such incidents do not happen again.”

The agency further emphasized the seriousness of the matter: “Numerous malicious posts and baseless speculations have surfaced, fueled by one-sided claims that lack factual accuracy. Source Music acknowledges the harm caused by unwarranted defamation, the spread of false information, sexual harassment, malicious insults, and damage to an artist’s reputation. To safeguard our artists, we will take necessary legal actions.”

In addition, Source Music clarified their stance: “Spreading false allegations that LE SSERAFIM harmed other artists and presenting unfounded information as established facts constitute clear instances of disseminating false information. Posts containing ridicule, insults, and attacks on an artist’s character, as well as sexual harassment, will be subject to legal measures. We are committed to addressing harmful content across various platforms, including social media and online communities.”

Min Hee Jin, CEO of NewJeans, had previously held an urgent press conference alongside legal representatives on April 25th at the Korea Conference Center in Seoul’s Seocho-gu. During this conference, Min explained the reasons behind her conflict with HYBE.

She revealed that while preparing for NewJeans’ debut as “HYBE’s first girl group,” tensions escalated due to Source Music’s girl group, LE SSERAFIM, debuting ahead of schedule. This led to a confrontation with Chairman Bang Si Hyuk.

Following Min’s press conference, HYBE issued a statement. They asserted, “Min Hee Jin’s claims during the press conference contain numerous inaccuracies, making it challenging to address each one individually.”

HYBE also criticized Min, stating, “Her mixing of timelines and presentation of distorted facts using a unique interpretive approach in a public setting divert attention from the core issues.”



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