NewJeans’ Bodyguard Gains Attention for the Unique Way He Protect the Girls From an Intrusive Photographer

Celebrities and their companies have to fight a constant battle to keep idols’ privacy and make sure they are safe when they are in public.

When idols go to the airport for overseas schedules, their public schedules can quickly become a mess.

There are many things that can go wrong for an idol at the airport, like when a lot of fans and media show up to see them off before their flight.

Knowing that they can be filmed or photographed at any time in public, whether they want to or not, adds stress to an already busy day of flying for K-Pop idols.

EXO is surrounded by fans at the airport
In the Korean drama “A Private Life,” actress Park Min Young played a fansite master.
Fansites got together at the airport to take pictures of idols.

Often, the people in charge of the fansite for an idol will be at the airport with professional cameras and lenses to get the best picture they can of their favorite person.

K-Pop bodyguards have said before that fans with cameras make going through the airport with K-Pop idols more dangerous because fans are often distracted by trying to take pictures.

This can make fans not pay attention to what’s going on around them, which can be dangerous.

The bodyguard for the popular 4th gen rookie group NewJeans was recently praised for being quick on his feet when the group went through Incheon airport on January 6 on their way to Thailand for the 37th Golden Disc Awards.

A video that is now going viral showed the group going through the airport and the moment when someone with a camera started to get in their way.

As the photographer got closer, the bodyguard quickly flashed a flashlight to get them to stop taking a picture.

Fans liked how the bodyguard was quick to think of new ways to keep NewJeans safe and respect her personal space.

Even though the clip was short and didn’t show the whole thing, the bodyguard’s actions seemed to distract the photographer and make them move away from the group.

Fans have started tagging other Korean entertainment companies and asking that their bodyguards do the same for other groups, so this deflection may happen more often in the future.



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