Jennie Is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away With New Backless Outfit During Their BLACKPINK Concert in Hong Kong

During their BORN PINK tour, BLACKPINK has worn some beautiful designer outfits on stage, which has kept BLINKs on their toes.

Those BLINKs who were lucky enough to get tickets to see the top girl group get to see a fashion show, strong vocals, a mesmerizing stage presence, and next-level visuals all in one show.

As the members of BORN PINK take over the world on their BORN PINK world tour, they have been shining on stage and have been the source of many viral videos.

Jennie of BLACKPINK has continued to win over fans on tour with her steamy solo stage, beautiful clothes, friendly fan service, and recent hair change to bangs.

Through her performance and outfits, Jennie shows BLINKs a new side of herself at each show.

At BLACKPINK‘s last show in Hong Kong, Jennie again shocked the crowd by not wearing the jacket she usually wears while singing “Shut Down.”

Instead, she wore a backless outfit that left fans gasping for air. As soon as Jennie wore the outfit, fans started talking about it on social media.

The members of BLACKPINK are always amazing.



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