K-Pop Fans Are Once Again Spooked by NewJeans’ Mascot, Here’s Why

“It seems like it dances “Hype Boy” on the bodies of its victims when NewJeans isn’t promoting.”

A K-Pop fan made a post on Reddit about a month ago saying that the NewJeans mascot, a bunny that looks like a cartoon, was creepy.

And they weren’t the only ones who thought that way. Other people’s comments show that it was a pretty common thought.

For the girl group’s first album, NewJeans, the rabbit was made to be a soothing shade of blue.

Still, some people thought the design of the bunny itself looked scary, which led to some pretty funny comments.

In the weeks that followed, before NewJeans‘ first comeback, it seemed like people stopped talking about it.

And now that their new album, OMG, is out, even more fans are saying that they don’t trust the bunny mascot.

The same cover was used again for the pre-release single “Ditto“… But this time in a red that looks much more scary.

Then, when OMG came out, the same design was used again… Time to wear black!

Recently, a new Reddit thread was made to talk about the topic, and the comments are both funny and relatable.

This person said that the creepiness might just keep getting worse in the future.

How do you feel? Is the NewJeans bunny cute, or does it have something bad going on?



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