Fans of TXT are gushing about Yeonjun’s adorable bunny outfit from “Inkigayo”

Since March 2022, TXT‘s Yeonjun has been a regular MC on Inkigayo.

His weekly appearances on the show have shown how good he is as a music show host and how talented he is in general.

Yeonjun covered Zico‘s “Any Song” on the most recent episode, which aired on January 8, along with his usual MC duties, which made viewers very happy!

Fans talked about more than just his performance, though. Yeonjun wore an adorable bunny outfit when he wasn’t in his “Any Song” outfit. It had a soft-looking sweater, long ears, and even a cotton ball tail!

As the first Inkigayo episode of the new year, it seems like Yeonjun took 2023, the year of the rabbit, very seriously and in a literal way.

His outfit was so good that it got him a post on a Korean online forum with the title “Yeonjun‘s outfit on Inkigayo today was legendary” and the comment “Freaking pretty, f*ck.”

And from what other people have said, it looks like everyone likes his cute outfit.


He was so human-bunny-like today, how cute!

What am I going to do, Choi Yeonjun, if you even look like a bunny? “The bunny tail is driving me crazy

I like him so much that it’s crazy. Please stay an emcee for a long time, Amen.

His whole look here is so soft, I love it!

He’s both cute and attractive

This year, Yeonjun will be so big I can feel it

He’s so cute, he goes with everything.

He is so cute and hot, and he has a great personality. I’m not surprised that people like him. I hope that Inkigayo’s contract gets extended.

The bunny outfit is also important, but Yeonjun did f*cking well on the Any Song challenge, too…



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