“Even her name is pretty” — Netizens gush over past photos of Song Hye Kyo that resurfaced online

The lead actress in the Netflix K-drama “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo, is getting more attention because the show is so popular.

Since the drama was a big deal, fans were naturally interested in the star’s past.

It’s safe to say that she has always been beautiful. Even the ones from when she was in elementary school are beautiful.

Song Hye Kyo is known for having big eyes and a high bridge of the nose. She already had all of these traits when she was a toddler.

Even getting a bad haircut didn’t bother her. She grew up just like everyone else.

Netizens were happy to see her and celebrated her success.

“How does she have that face and be called Song Hye Kyo at the same time?”

“Even her name is pretty.”

“The photo from graduation is real. It’s the top three, including Yejin.”

“I feel the same way when I find out that Lee Hyori‘s name is also Lee Hyori.

“Email me the photos.”

Her name is really different and pretty. It’s not fair that both her face and her name are pretty.



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