BIGBANG’s Taeyang debuts his stunning new profile photo after joining THE BLACK LABEL

In December, Taeyang quit YG Entertainment.

Taeyang of BIGBANG showed off his first new profile picture since he left YG Entertainment.

The photo was posted to THE BLACK LABEL‘s Instagram account on January 3.

The artist is wearing a sleeveless vest in the picture, which shows off his toned arms. Taeyang has the charm of a K-Pop superstar.

The most important thing is that the artist will be much more active now that they have a new profile picture.

Before, K-Pop fans’ hearts stopped when they found out that Taeyang was in the studio with Jimin from BTS.

Taeyang recently left his longtime label, YG Entertainment, to join THE BLACK LABEL, which is a branch of the same label.

Artists like Jeon Somi and Zion. T. are signed to THE BLACK LABEL. The artist and producer TEDDY, who has been with YG Entertainment for a long time, runs the label.



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