Kim Chaewon Said Everyone in LE SSERAFIM Has Abs, and It’s All Thanks to Kazuha, Here’s the Reason Why

Netizens were amazed at how all of the members of LE SSERAFIM have muscular abs.

Recently, a netizen wrote on an online community forum with the title “Wow.It seems like all the girls in girl-idol groups now have abs“.

A netizen posted a picture of LE SSERAFIM performing on stage. All of the members were wearing cropped tops that showed off their muscular bodies and well-defined abs.

Netizens then flocked to the comments to say how impressed they were with the members of LE SSERAFIM and talk about how all of the members of active female idol groups seem to have abs these days.

Internet users said:

“Seriously, their abs are so well-defined. Six-packs stacked on top of each other.”
“I really like this. They are so awesome.”
“They are so great.”
“Their training is very hard, based on what I saw in LE SSERAFIM‘s interview and documentary.”
“When I clicked on this post, “Abs-SSERAFIM” came to mind, but it seems like all female idols have abs these days.”
“Wow…I’m not exaggerating when I say that Kazuha‘s abs are much clearer than my future.”
Sakura is a very cool girl. When she was in IZ*ONE, she had a body like mine, but now she’s so muscular.”

Last October, Kim Chaewon and Kazuha were guests on “Turkids On The Block”, where host Lee Yong Jin talked about how all of LE SSERAFIM‘s members have abs.

Kim Chaewon confirmed and explained that all of them were “obsessed with abs” even before their first album, FEARLESS, came out. She said, “Yes. I don’t know why, but we’ve been crazy about abs since before we came out “.

Kim Chaewon says that everything began when Kazuha showed them her abs. They thought it was “so cool” that it made them want to get in shape too.

Kim Chaewon remarked, “We basically did it ourselves. Kazuha first showed us her stomach. We thought, ‘That’s so cool.’ So, the rest of the group also began to work out“.



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