NewJeans’ “OMG” Music Video Sparks Controversy Over Claims That It Failed to Credit Set Director’s Team

ADOR hasn’t said anything yet.

A person who worked on the set of NewJeans‘s “OMG” music video is said to have said that their team was not given credit for their work.

We told you earlier that NewJeans had come back with a new single album called “OMG.”

This new album tells the story of the strange feeling of distance, caution, and not knowing each other that comes from wanting to be closer.

Fans have been giving the single “OMG” from the album high marks.

But the music video has gotten into trouble because a set director said his team wasn’t credited in the video.
A netizen posted an Instagram story from a music video director on a community post that has since gone viral.

In the story, the director says that his team didn’t get credit for the music video, even though they worked on it all day and night.

Our group worked hard to put together a set on time (for the music video). I’ll give you guys the credit instead. I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough power to give you guys credit on the video.” — Head of the Music Video Set

Many Internet users felt bad for the director and said it was important that the director and their team get credit for their work.

My friend is the leader of the art team, and they are credited with… Also, if the team members say they are disappointed, who are you to say they are wrong?

Based on the comments, it sounds like the team was running out of time, so they hired someone else to do the work. That person then hired someone else to do the work, and the original team was left out by the company that made the music video…

It’s like missing out on something” (on your resume). It makes a big difference.

If they went to the trouble of making a credits reel, they should have given credit to everyone. So, no one will be upset.

If you read the comments, it seems like the only people in the industry who are upset about this are the ones who have it happen to them.

Someone might have used the credits in their portfolio. If it wasn’t important to them, they wouldn’t bother with the credits.

Think about how you’d feel if your name wasn’t included in a group project and decide if that bothers you or not.

ADOR has not said anything about the claims. You can click on the link below to watch the music video for “OMG.”



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