BLACKPINK’s Jennie Can’t Help Doing This When She Gets Drunk That Everyone Wants To “Get Drunk With Her”

Icon of fashion Jennie went to the Jacquemus Le Raphia Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show not too long ago. She wore all white and had a big smile on her face as soon as she walked in.

But that wasn’t the end of the fun! She then went to the brand’s afterparty, where she was the personification of the phrase “life of the party.” She danced to the beat of the music with her arms in the air and a lot of people around her.

She stayed close to her good friend, the Korean supermodel Shin Hyun Ji, and was even seen with the brand’s founder, Simon Porte Jacquemus. They held each other tightly as many cameras flashed and took pictures of them.

But there was one video in particular that really got BLACKPINK fans’ attention. In it, a smiling Jennie blows a kiss and raises both arms in the air. In the background, a man’s voice says, “No more,” more than once.

Several BLINKs think he told people who wanted to take more pictures of the “Solo” singer, “No more.

But many people think she was actually drunk and that he was trying to stop her from doing anything else.

Many of them said they do the same things when they’re drunk, and others loved how the man really asked the cameras to stop recording.

Fans also said they wanted to “get drunk with her” and couldn’t believe she could be “cute and hot” at the same time.

People started to wonder what each member of BLACKPINK is like when they drink.

Lastly, they were just glad to see that Jennie was having a good time. She should get it!



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