Han So Hee’s Response To IVE’s Jang Wonyoung At The “2022 Asia Artist Awards” is Currently Trending For All the Right Reasons

Her response is quite relatable.

One of Korea’s most well-known actresses, Han So Hee has appeared in a number of successful series, including Nevertheless and The World of the Married.

She has consistently dazzled audiences with her dazzling looks and humorous attitude in addition to her acting prowess.

Han So Hee‘s admiration of the K-Pop group BLACKPINK, which she avowed during an interview with Vogue Thailand, is another quality that fans appear to like in her.

Han So Hee may have inadvertently revealed her affection for a member of another K-Pop group at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

Han So Hee was one of three performers to win the AAA Best Artist For Acting Award, and she also looked great on the red carpet.

All the audience members gathered for a group picture on stage during the show’s conclusion.

The interaction between numerous diverse groups on onstage, including the IZ*ONE crumbs, electrified the audience.

Fans were thrilled to see Han So Hee in the picture sitting close to IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.

Han So Hee instantly turned around and bowed as Wonyoung took her seat before covering her face with her hands in delight.

Han So Hee responds to whatever Wonyoung says to her in a nice way during their little talk.

These two seated next to one other created a visual explosion, which was further enhanced by fan images!

This adorable moment has been all over social media because both celebs’ fans adored it!\



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