NMIXX’s New LOEWE Dresses Are Making Netizens Laugh And Raise Their Eyebrows At The Same Time

As K-Pop idols who often wear fun and weird outfits on stage, the JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX is no stranger to unique fashion that normal people never wear.

But in a recent photoshoot for the SS23 precollection of the luxury brand LOEWE, even they went further!

The members wore dresses with straps that are completely different from anything else. Each girl’s face was printed on her dress, which was interesting.

The brand says that the custom-made dresses were made of technical duchesse satin with a face print made by a computer.

Some fans who have seen the photoshoot joked that they were so beautiful that they need a “face dress” instead of just a “face card.”

Other NSWERs, on the other hand, didn’t like the look as much. Many people were confused and shocked, and some asked if it had been edited.

When asked out about dresses, Sullyoon said that when she saw how big their faces were printed on them, she was just as surprised as the fans. She thought, “Oh, this is different…“.

Check out the photos below to see the band members in their face dresses on their own.’








Netizens commented:

LOEWE or not, it looks so bad”

“Screw you, kids, you worked hard.”

“They sure are nice, NMIXX…”

“Is that really their face?”

“But the pictures turned out well.”

“I was surprised because for a second, I thought they weren’t wearing anything…”

“I bet the members were laughing at this point”

“Now that I’ve seen this, the outfits in the posts don’t look so wild.”



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