RM And Suga Discuss The Strange Places Where They Compose Songs

It can be difficult to be inspired in the studio.

RM and Suga of BTS have always been very involved in writing songs and making music. Both of the idols started making music on their own, and because they were so passionate about it, they went from being artists who wrote music with cheap tools to global superstars.

Constantly collaborating on the creation of new masterpieces, the pair have always supported one another.

RM and Suga have previously discussed their distinct songwriting styles. Suga is highly influenced by literature and places an emphasis on words.

Suga said, “I frequently contemplate the meanings of words. We deal extensively with emotions, so I spend a great deal of time considering how words can be interpreted differently.”

RM gets ideas from both the words in movies and the way things look. The idol has said in the past that he doesn’t want to throw away a song because it’s so personal and hard for him to make one.

RM said, “For me, [composing songs] is a lengthy process. So it hurts me physically and emotionally to throw one away.”

In the songwriting process, however, both artists agree that it can be challenging to work in a studio. Instead, it seems like inspiration is more likely to hit after they’ve “quit” and are on their way home.

Inspiration can also hit at bad times, such as when they “get ideas in the shower or right before they go to sleep.”

RM drew inspiration for the song “Wild Flower” on his newly released album Indigo from the sounds he heard while walking.

Suga, on the other hand, says he often works “in bathrooms.”

Some of the composers with whom he has collaborated and who have inspired him have frequently told Suga, “They get inspiration when they’re pooping.”

One of Suga‘s mentors explained that “the process of writing is a form of excretion,” which makes this astonishingly understandable.

When Suga first heard the analogy, he thought it sounded cool, but his mentor went on to explain that he literally “gets inspiration when he poops.”

Which solution RM was not convinced was the best.

But regardless of the source of BTS‘s inspiration, they are consistently praised for their musical brilliance.



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