IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Recreated Actress Jun Ji Hyun’s Legendary 90’s Commercial, and the Vibes Are Way Too Accurate

As an experienced actress, Jun Ji Hyun has been in many K-dramas, movies, and ads that people still remember.

Her SamsungMy Jet” CF printer, which came out in 1999, has become a legend. The “Legend of the Blue” Sea actress danced and moved her arms gracefully while smiling.

Over 20 years later, K-Pop’s “It GirlJang Wonyoung recreated the ad with the help of KBS for their 2022 Song Festival.

Jun Ji Hyun
Jang Won Young

The member of IVE looked beautiful in two outfits that matched Jun Ji Hyun‘s: one that was all white and one that was all black.

The staff did a good job of capturing not only the set but also the feel of the commercial as a whole.

Everything was perfect, from the beginning to the dancing to the pictures at the end.

Both women were attractive, and their high levels of energy made them fun to watch. Check out the full videos below while you wait.



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