TXT Got Really Into Their Iconic Stage At The “2022 MMA” And LE SSERAFIM’s Reaction Said It All

TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, really earned their new title of “Best Performance” at the 2022 Melon Music Awards. If their performance wasn’t enough to prove it, LE SSERAFIM’s reaction would be.

At the ceremony, both groups had a big night. TXT won the “Best Male Performance” award, but LE SSERAFIM also won the “Best Female Performance” and “Hot Trend Award.”

Netizens were very happy about their wins, as were LE SSERAFIM and TXT. They seemed just as invested as MOAs in the iconic stage that TXT put on, and it’s easy to see why.

Kim Chaewon was seen mouthing along to Yeonjun’s part in “Good Boy Gone Bad“. Soon after, she, Sakura, and Kazuha were completely shocked by Beomgyuburning up the stage.”

Even though there was a problem with Beomgyu‘s prop, the fact that even his fellow winners were impressed by him says a lot.

Fans liked how the members of LE SSERAFIM reacted, especially because they were so normal.

Here you can see the full video of their reactions.



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