NewJeans’ Minji Proves She’s Winning In Life With Her Simply Gorgeous Award Show Visuals

Netizens are crazy about Minji‘s new photos and videos.

Netizens talked about how the NewJeans member looked at the “2022 Melon Music Awards” on an online forum.

The post showed photos and GIFs from the red carpet that fans had taken that day. With her jewelry and simple makeup, Minji looked like a dazzling charm in the pictures.

In the comments, people talked about how special she was and how this day was one of her most famous times. Some people brought up again how much she looked like Olivia Hussey.

Reactions include:

“She really is a princess”

“Her long black hair makes her look so beautiful”

“She looks so simple but beautiful”

“Her jewelry is big and flashy, but all I can see is her face.”

“Her face looks like a puppy! T T”

“My eyes are getting a good rest”

“She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”

“She is the most beautiful woman of our time”

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