Netizens are yelling about fraud over groups with suspicious jump in votes for “2022 MAMA”

With less than a month until the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which will be held on November 29-30 in Japan, everyone is in full voting mode.

Despite the fact that voting for the event only began a week ago, a controversy has already erupted after a netizen noticed a suspicious occurrence in the “World’s Fans Choice” category, suspecting an illegal manipulation of the numbers.

Posting on Pann on November 2 with the title “MAMA 2022 Votes Graph With Idols Whose Votes Are Thought to Be Illegal,” the netizen writes, “Each team has a different number of votes on the Y-axis. So you have to look at the graph and take the numbers into account.”

In addition, the netizen said, “The graphs of teams that are thought to have gotten illegal votes” and listed the graphs of these groups who allegedly had an odd number of votes.





Brave Girls

In comparison, the netizen then listed the groups whom he thinks to have a non-suspicious number of votes in a graph.




Stray Kids



NCT 127

NCT Dream






In short, the netizen took the time to record the online voting in a chart, revealing the suspicious manipulation by doing so.

They add that they have nothing against the artist or their fans.

The netizen then said, “Like the top boy groups, the team suspected of cheating sees its votes go up by more than 10K. Since this is a category where votes decide everything, Mnet needs to say something clear about it.”

Other netizens then commented:

Isn’t this just a case of fans voting as a group?

>But don’t you think the other groups are also voting in large numbers?

>No matter how many mass votes they get, it’s crazy that they’re getting up to 10,000 votes per day like Bangtan.

Why does this always happen to MAMA?

Even if you said that all of the votes came from the artists tweeting about it from their official accounts, the votes are going up too quickly.

Can they really be getting over 10,000 votes like Bangtan? And so quickly as well

There has never been a time when MAMA’s votes weren’t talked about.

IT’s indeed weird…

Can’t we at least name the other groups?

All of these are female idols, and what’s worse is that all of these groups are at the bottom of the charts right now. No matter what, everyone knows that it’s very hard to beat male idols, so why use illegal votes?

I hope something is done about it.

Isn’t this just too clear? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It doesn’t look like they even tried to hide it.

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