NCT’s Haechan stuns netizens with his outstanding career accomplishments at age 23

Netizens were shocked by how much NCT‘s Haechan had already done in his career at just 23 years old.

On November 1, a member of the public wrote a post on an online forum forum called “Haechan’s Career Was indeed Seriously… Daebak.”

Here, the netizen posted a picture of Haechan‘s online profile, where it said how many songs and albums he had put out so far in his career.

Many people were surprised to learn that at age 23, Haechan had already put out 307 songs as well as 50 albums.

Netizens commented:

Is it really about Haechan from NCT? How has he put out 50 albums already?

He is involved in two different unit groups.

He is an active member of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT as a whole.

He must need to be very strong and remember a lot.

Haechan is only 23 years old, which is just crazy.

Wow, he must make a lot of money, because he’s young and wealthy.

Is that even possible? Insane…

Promoting in two unit groups and touring with two groups…

I couldn’t do it if it were me. I would just lay down on the ground. He’s amazing.

We’re so proud of you, TTT, our baby. So pretty, TT.

But how does he have fifty albums..? How…?

Wow, amazing. The fact that he is only 23 years old…

It’s amazing to think that he can remember all the steps.

He has so much stamina and remembers all the choreography and positions for their concerts.

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