Netizens urged BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to visit hospital after spotted with a lymph node on her neck

Fans are concerned about Jisoo’s well-being during BLACKPINK’s world tour.

BLACKPINK has repeatedly shown signs of exhaustion as a result of their hectic individual and collective schedules.

But they make every effort to maintain their professionalism and deliver quality results.

Since fans have noticed a large bump on Jisoo’s neck, they are understandably concerned for her well-being.

Fans all over the world are buzzing about BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” world tour.

The members had to put in extensive preparation time in order to give their absolute best performance during each of the few hours that each show lasted.

Jisoo’s big lymph nodes have returned, and her fans are worried. In addition to her other commitments, the female idol is currently on a world tour with the girl group BLACKPINK. Soon, Jisoo will have the opportunity to rest and receive the medical attention she requires.

Relating to her recent condition, there is an article posted on Pann on November 2nd and titled “WHAT IS THIS THING ON JISOO’S NECK, ANYWAY?,” and the netizen writes, “This calls for a hospital visit for a biopsy. The tumor could be benign or it could be malignant. Anyway, it’s going to keep growing, so she’ll have to have surgery to remove it.”

Other netizens then agreed and commented:

Don’t fret; it’s a minor issue. It only manifests when she’s exhausted, and disappears after a good night’s sleep. I/we had an ultrasound to make sure, and everything looked good. A lymph node has simply swollen.

A lymph node, to be exact. If her condition worsens or she is overworked, it will swell. She’ll get it checked out, I’m sure, and be fine.

Even though I’m not a fan of hers, I think she knows what’s up and will be okay. What exactly is this “malignant tumor”?

Someone would have told her to go to the hospital if the lump was a tumor.

That’s the real deal, and it hasn’t been doctored, right? Is this thing for real?

Huh? So now you’re getting yelled at when you show signs of worry, too… Is OP really just concerned for her safety?

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