“There’s no other group like this”, J.Y. Park writes a heartfelt letter to TWICE following their 7th anniversary

A long post about TWICE that producer Park Jinyoung shared got a lot of attention.

On October 22, Park Jinyoung shared a photo of TWICE to his own Instagram with the caption “There’s no other group like this“.

Park Jinyoung said, “I’ve produced and watched a lot of groups, but I’ve never seen a group like this for over seven years. They really care about and support each other.”

He then told TWICE how much he liked them by saying, “Every time I look at them, they are always pretty, grateful, and lovely. That’s TWICE. Pretty.

TWICE, who came out in October 2015, just recently celebrated their seventh anniversary. In July, all of the members re-signed with JYP Entertainment, which got a lot of attention.



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