Actress Park Eun Bin gets emotional after unforgettable Fan Meeting Tour In Manila

Park Eun Bin had a great time with her fans in the Philippines.

Actress Park Eun Bin held her first Asian fan meeting tour on October 23 at the NEW FRONTIER THEATER in Manila, Philippines. The tour was called “2022 PARK EUN BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour In Manila.”

Park Eun Bin came out and sang Joy’s “Hello.” He then said in Tagalog, “I wanted to meet you so much,” which got the fan meeting off to a full start.

From “Today’s Profile,” which showed Park Eun Bin‘s lovely charm, to “Eun Bin is Curious About Fans,” where she learned about Filipino fans, to “Unpredictable Eun Bin,” which showed off her wit, Park Eun Bin and Filipino fans she met for the first time had time to get to know each other.

Also, her amazing drawing skills surprised everyone in the corner where she made custom eco-bags for fans to take home.

She then talked about some of the most famous lines and scenes from her works and gave a lot of information about actress Park Eun Bin.

Most of all, what made this day stand out was how Park Eun Bin spoke Tagalog and English in the right places.

Park Eun Bin surprised everyone with her clever use of Tagalog for Filipino fans, and the fans cheered each time she did. Park Eun Bin was also moved by surprises from fans.

Park Eun Bin couldn’t hold back her tears when a special video of fans’ true feelings for her was shown. She also smiled brightly at the “The moment I got to know you was the brightest moment for me” cake and slogan event that fans had planned.

At the end of the 150-minute fan meeting, which was full of love and affection, Park Eun Bin said, “I truly thank everyone who took their valuable time to come from different places today “.

She added, “Thanks to everyone here, I was very, very happy. I hope everyone is happy and healthy until we see each other again“.

After that, she sang “Especially for You,” a song she wrote especially for her fans in the Philippines. This was the last song she sang, and it left a lasting impression.

Park Eun Bin will meet her overseas fans at events in Bangkok on November 5, Singapore on November 11, and Tokyo on November 19.



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