Netizens found AKMU’s Chanhyuk “head shaving performance” interesting and acknowledged him as a unique artist

Netizens are talking about how AKMU‘s Chanhyuk shaved his head on stage.

On the most recent episode of “Inkigayo,” a member of AKMU sang his solo song “Panorama” while his head was being shaved live on stage.

Chanhyuk later said that the performance was about rebirth, just like the story of the first song on his album, “Eyewitness Account.”

On online community discussion boards, netizens talked about his style of performance and gave their thoughts on how good they thought his art was.

Almost everyone agreed that this is more “performance art” and that the focus is on his freedom to express himself.

Some people praised Chanhyuk for being brave and creative, but others said that he should “saved this level of personal performance for something like a solo concert.”

Most people on the Internet thought his performance was interesting and said he was a unique artist.

Reactions include:

People do it on stage, so I don’t see why this is a problem.

Wow, he really is a talented artist.

We also need artists like him. We’re so sick of doing the same old things.

I’m for him.

I thought the way the song was played went well with the performance.

It seemed like I was watching a show from Hollywood.

I can’t believe this is a domestic TV show.

I think it’s a little too extreme.

I don’t like it by my own standards lol. I don’t think the general consensus that it’s okay because he’s not hurting anyone applies here lol. People are too easily swayed either way.

What are your thoughts?



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